How to reset admin password in October CMS


There are two ways to reset admin password:

  1. via terminal;
  2. via database (usually phpmyadmin)

Reset password via terminal

Connect to website via SSH, go to your website root folder (public_html) and enter command php artisan october:passwd admin (where admin is user name). After that you can enter own password or use automatically generated password proposed by CMS.

Reset password via database (phpmyadmin)

Open phpmyadmin, select database, open backend_users table, find your user and replace hash in password field to: $2y$10$CtnXkR432BDurG1kpyUgZO4.soq5xYGa.8KGG9Fan9Fh9kH3PFIAe

After that you can login in backend using your user name and "password" as password.